About H. Hafner & Sons, Inc.

In 1923 Harold Hafner Sr. created a small but successful excavation business and also farmed along the Little Miami River. It was that strong foundation in farming that helped the family through the Great Depression. As the economy recovered, the Hafner family continued their focus on farming. After returning from service in the Navy during WWII, Harold Hafner Jr. decided to once again expand the excavation division of Hafner’s. It was around this time that smaller hydraulic dozers began to replace the cumbersome cable operated units. Two International TD-9 bulldozers were purchased and Hafner’s began digging basements for the housing explosion that occurred after WWII. 

James Hafner returned from Korea in 1951 after service in the Army and helped his brother to expand the sand and gravel aspect of the business. James was better known as "Bro" and eventually took over field operations.  

In the 1960's Hafner’s focus switched from excavation to material supply and truck rental. Equipment that was once used on outside site work soon found work of Hafner's clean hard fill and eventual construction and demolition debris site in Anderson Township. During this time, Linda, Harold Hafner Jr.'s daughter began to manage all back-office operations.  

Hafner’s took full advantage of the emerging landscape market in the 1970's and 1980's. Topsoil from their own farm fields was shredded through specialized machines manufactured by the Lindig Corporation and became the staple material available at Hafner’s.  

Since the mid 1990's Hafner’s has maintained its place as Cincinnati's premier landscape materials provider while expanding its construction and demolition debris recycling site. Today Hafner’s diverts nearly 70% of all material that enters the site from landfill placement.