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Watch your mulch being processed.

Mulching your planting beds isn’t the most fun household task, but it can be one of the most rewarding, especially when you use our Supreme Series of mulches. Our very own Midnight Magic Supreme is triple-processed, organic dark hardwood mulch. We grind it once then let it age for 12 to 16 months. Afterwards, we grind it again and process the finer material with a screening machine. The result is a consistent product that holds its color for an unbelievably long amount of time.

Our Supreme Series of mulches also includes environmentally friendly color enhanced mulches. By using Radiant Red Supreme (dyed red), Voodoo Black Supreme (dyed black) or Baja Brown Supreme (dyed brown) you can be assured that your mulch will hold its color for at least one full year.  

Pine straw is also available as a hardwood mulch alternative. This product provides a rustic, southern look and isn't susceptible to washing on hillsides. 


Single Grind Mulch


This mulch has only been ground once and is very coarse.  Commonly used as a trailway covering.  

Midnight Magic Supreme

Midnight Magic Supreme Mulch

Our signature mulch. Produced on-site, this product is completely organic. Triple process, dark brown hardwood, aged 12-16 months.

Radiant Red

Radiant Red

Our environmentally friendly dyed red mulch.   This triple process product has the potential to retain its color for two seasons. 

Baja Brown

Baja Brown

Our environmentally friendly dyed brown mulch.   This triple process product has the potential to retain its color for two seasons.

Playground Mulch


Suitable for use under and around playground systems or anywhere impact is a concern. Application depth should be no less than 6 inches. Unit of sale is the cubic yard. ASTM F1292 certified.



Haydite will not fade, deteriorate or rot like organic mulches, yet provides the
rustic beauty previously only available in organic materials. Haydite retains
moisture and helps insulate plant roots from temperature extremes.