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      Whether installing a complete lawn or just filling in low spots, it makes sense to use the best soil available. For those who want to stretch their hard earned dollars as far as they can, we offer a more economical product called remediated soil. This soil has been screened and is suitable for most uses.

      One of our most popular products, Garden Mix, has been pleasing Cincinnati gardeners for over twenty years. A new mix now available is Terra-Mix. This product is loamier than Garden Mix and is recommended for raised planter boxes. We also offer standard fill soil and clay. Special mixes can also be formulated upon request.

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      Choosing the correct type of compost can be a daunting task. There are so many different types available and sometimes you can’t be sure of what you’re buying. Here in Cincinnati though it seems like the only thing our yards have plenty of is clay.

      Adding special soil amendments can be the first step in improving your lawn and planting beds. The addition of compost helps to break up the clay and allows for better drainage. Looser soil also helps for a denser root structure to form. This can help lawns make it through those tough summers. Ask a customer representative for help choosing the correct compost product.

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      Whether you need gravel for drains or patios, we have you covered. We carry over 20 different types of aggregate for both the homeowner and contractor.

      We also recycle concrete into a useable aggregate that is an economical alternative to crushed limestone. Our decorative stone line is constantly expanding, so you need something that we don’t have we will be glad to order it in. Since our customer service representatives have experience in the field, you can be assured that you get the right stone for your application.

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